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Table of contents


The superhero has no fears

What stops you from traveling

This chapter addresses your potential fears, insecurities and doubts, especially when it comes to embarking on an epic journey. There are a lot of misconceptions and bad advice out there. It’s about time you understood how powerful fear can become and how you can overcome it before embarking on your adventure.
Exercise: List how many times fears and excuses have stopped you
Objective: To embrace fear and to stop making excuses


The superhero lives in you

Benefits of traveling

Traveling is not about going to places, it is about discovering the places that live within you. In other words, a lot of people try to use travel to escape from their daily routines. They go on vacations or take short breaks to recharge their batteries. But traveling can be deeper than that and this chapter shows you why you should travel more often.
Exercise: Setting up a step-by-step list to break free from the mindset of everyday life.
Objective: To think about traveling, as a form of education


The superhero has a goal

Where do you want to go?

It all starts with a plan to achieve a clear goal. This chapter is about you seizing your opportunities and helping you to decide what destination and type of adventure you are seeking.
Adventure doesn’t always mean going far away: You can begin any journey by taking advantage of the opportunities around you. Once again, it is not how far you go, it is about changing your perspective and making the best of what you have.
Exercise: Writing a clear plan with a definite goal.
Objective: To create travel opportunities around you.


The superhero believes in time

How long do you want to travel for?

The Olympic athlete John Zimmerman said, “When in doubt, take more time.” This principle applies especially to traveling (and eating mangos). For everything else, I believe that the “less is more” approach is a much better one. Committing a certain amount of time to discover the ways of travelling is very important. This chapter will show you how to make that desire a priority in your life.
Exercise: Refining the plan and setting a deadline
Objective: To take action towards your travel commitment 


Fly like a superhero

Flight hacking

One of the greatest misconceptions held by the majority of people is that traveling must be expensive—especially airline tickets. This chapter demonstrates multiple ways to hack a cheap flight to your destination
Exercise: Check multiple options and create a process to book the “perfect” flight
Objective: To book a flight to your travel destination 


Sleep like a superhero

Accommodation hacking

Another big issue is finding a place to sleep. For many people, this is definitely one of their biggest worries. Accommodations can be expensive. Very expensive. But if you are smart, flexible, and happy to adapt to different situations, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, finding an accommodation can be fun, exciting and very, very cheap. 
Together, we will discover all of the available options and how to take advantage of each of them. Expanding your boundaries here can also be one of the most rewarding parts of any trip.
Exercise: Become a member of multiple sites and create profiles
Objective: To find your first accommodation abroad


Be safe like a superhero

Health, insurance & travel documents

This chapter briefly discusses what type of travel insurance, vaccinations and travel documents you need before you begin your journey. It is important to make your adventure as stress-free as possible, and this begins before you leave home.
Exercise: List all the travel documents, possible medications, and vaccinations you’ll need.
Objective: To make you aware of health & safety issues


Pack like a superhero

Assembling a functional backpack

Packing is an art form in and of itself. Understanding how and what to pack is extremely valuable, and it requires skill and discipline. This chapter shows you how to make the most of the space you have and teaches you how to properly select each item you bring.
Exercise: List each item and select the ones you will take with you
Objective: To pack a maximally functional backpack


Become a superhero

It’s time to… GO!

A journey begins when you take that first step forward. This chapter clarifies the pros and cons of traveling on an itinerary versus traveling “freestyle”. There is really no right or wrong way to travel, as this chapter shows.
Exercise: Decide whether to travel with or without an itinerary
Objective: To understand difference between a properly planned and an unplanned journey.


The superhero checklist

Final thoughts & Checklist

This llast chapter recaps the entire guide. Together, we will evaluate the things you have learned and double check the last few items to consider before you begin your journey. 
This chapter also contains a checklist of things you should complete to prepare for your dream adventure.
Exercise: Review what you have learnt
Objective: To demonstrate that if you want to travel, you can

CHAPTER 1 – The superhero has no fears

What stops you from traveling


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