A step by step guide on how to plan your epic travel adventure

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The superhero has a goal

Step 1 – Where do you want to go?


The world is a massive place and every destination you pick will offer so much to discover.
Choosing a place or a series of places is the first step.
Simply because, if you don’t know where you are going, you can’t prepare for it and if you can’t prepare for it, you won’t go anywhere.
If you are short on money, you can wait a little longer and use the tips I covered previously to downsize your possessions and to start saving for your trip.
If you have done your homework right, you will already have some money saved so you can start picking a route.


How to select your destination


Start from your own country

Depending on where you live, you can start by exploring your own country. It can be far cheaper and it is a good step for first time travelers.

Be reasonable

If you only have a couple of hundred dollars saved, go somewhere near you. Avoid buying international flights or trips to exotic, expensive places.

Choose a cheap country

If you have little money, choose a less touristy destination. Your money will last longer and you can spend more time wandering around and get the feeling of traveling on your own.

Be creative

If you have 2000$ for example:
  1. Would you buy a roundtrip flight for 1000$ and spend the other 1000$ to live around for a little while?
  2. Would you hitchhike around and keep your costs to a bare minimum so your adventure can be longer?
Both choices are fine, as long as you are happy with either one of them.
Consider all the options. I am sure you can think of more creative ways to travel than simply booking a flight to a big city. The world has a lot to offer, so research your potential destination and get the general feeling of what you might expect.
Flying first class to Tibet is one type of experience. Getting there by train is another one. Walking might a crazy choice but is still a possibility!
This is your journey, you make the rules.
Can you make a stop over in a city where a friend lives so you can visit another place? Save some money and meet somebody you love!
Is there a boat, bus, ferry to get to where you want to go? If you take the road less traveled it will make the journey more fun, unique and adventurous.
Take your time to choose, it never hurts.

Are you going on your own or with others?

This changes the perspective massively. I learnt that if you go by yourself, you are never alone. You will inevitably meet people, whether you seek them out or just interact with locals. Sharing the adventure with others is one of the best ways to truly experience another country.
You are forced to get out of your comfort zone and get to know other people. Also, if you want to be left alone, you can, so it works either way.
If you decide to travel with somebody else, make sure you guys have a similar attitude in life and interested in similar interests or activities.
Having somebody else with you can make the experience more fun, but at the same time more stressful, because you will have somebody else to deal with other than yourself.

Learn before you go

Do some research, learn about the places you want to visit, most likely your assumptions are not close to reality. Learn as much as you can about the etiquette, habits, and mannerisms of the countries you want to visit. It will help you during your stay.
Read books, blogs, travel guides and make your own conclusions. Everybody has an opinion. Hear all of them, then make your own. The anticipation of going on a journey is thrilling, use it to inspire you and guide you during this phase.

Pace yourself

Please, I beg you, don’t do a tour of Europe in 1 week, it is pointless. Pick fewer places and enjoy them. Go slow. The point is not how many places you see, but the experiences you have in each one of them. In this case, like most things in life, less is more.
So pick a number first, then divide it by two. Then divide it again.
When in doubt, choose less over more.

Find a cool theme

Do you want to go to Paris to discover high-end cuisine?
Do you want to immerse yourself in the Mayan culture?
Do you want to experience street graffiti in the Big Apple?
Sometimes picking a theme can make a dull trip more fun, it will make you feel like a true explorer who embarks on a quest to a new world. Remember, traveling is and should be fun, don’t get stressed about it.



Exercise 03: Make your travel plan


  1. Type in your worksheet the place or places you want to travel to
  2. List the possible combinations that can take you there and how you would go from place to place.
Don’t be afraid to make some wild guesses when it comes to transportation and how you will move from one place to the other. You will have time to prepare your adventure properly. For now just use your imagination and make a basic itinerary. This is all you need to get started.
Objective: The purpose of these exercises is to set up a clear goal and a make a plan on how to get there. Most people fail because they wait and can’t decide. If you don’t know where you want to go, pick a random place. After all you need to start from somewhere.
Have you picked your destination?
The next chapter is about committing yourself to your adventure and focusing on how to get there.
How amazing is that?



CHAPTER 4 – The superhero believes in time

Step 2 – How long do you want to travel for?