A step by step guide on how to plan your epic travel adventure

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The superhero has no fears


What stops you from traveling


What’s the number one fear that stops you from traveling?
Let me guess your possible answers:
“I don’t have enough money”
“I don’t have time”
“I think traveling is too hard”
“I am scared”
… Great!
You are wrong and those are just excuses.
I’ll tell you why and show you how to overcome those fears and break free, so you can start your adventure.
If you’re looking for some practical help and a step-by-step travel plan, look no further!
You’ll love what you are about to read.
Let’s begin this journey together.


I can’t travel because…


Hi. I am Superjab.
I am an ordinary person like you, the only difference is that I travel the world to battle mangoes. ;)
I was exactly in the same position where you are now. I had the same fears, the same worries, the same problems.
I don’t have them anymore. It took me a lot of time and effort to sort them out. You don’t need to go through the same thing.
Just use this guide as a resource to help you travel more often and turn your life into an adventure.
Are you ready?


I don’t have enough money


Sure enough, it’s true. I never have enough money to buy me mangoes.
Money is never enough for anybody, but you don’t need money to travel, you need money for a vacation.
Let me stress that again:

Like everything in life, you need to make priorities.
Focus. That’s really all it takes.
It all begins with understanding the psychology behind your spending habits.


What is the value of money?


If you could spend an extra 800$ this month, what would you buy?
  1. A brand new couch?
  2. A weekend getaway to a fancy resort?
  3. The following items for a 10 day adventure?
           A second hand tent 15.76$
           A pair of hiking boots: 50$
           A backpack: 90$
           A return bus ticket to the nearest mountain/lake/beach 100$
           Food for the 10 days adventure= 30$ a day
           … Save the rest: 244.25$ for the next trip
  4. More mangoes? Aren’t they delicious!?
Folks, do you see what I mean?

 This is great, but I am still not convinced


 … I know what you are thinking.
But I want to go to… “Insert far away destination here”
If you want to travel far away, you need more money, sure.
But how can you solve that problem? 
You have two options here:
  1. You make traveling a priority in your life and disregard everything else
  2. You can start small, learn from that and then go a little further
If you are serious about going on a big adventure overseas, you need to make it a top priority in your life.
Before I start on how you can achieve that, let’s address some other problems you might have.
These alone will require a guide on its own, but the short answers to some of your problems are:

I have debts to pay off

Work harder, pay your debts, cut your expenses, start saving and then go traveling
It might take a while, but what are the other options, apart from complaining?

I have a mortgage

Sell all your crap, rent your house and go traveling.
Somebody else pays for your mortgage while you have a good time somewhere else for a while. Good deal, huh?

I am a student

Get a part time job, start saving money, cut the crap, eat at home and go travel.
We’ve all been students and somehow managed to go travel, so stop using snapchat and get your ass back to work.


I don’t even have a job

Borrow some money, get a one way ticket somewhere and go work abroad.
If you really want something, nothing can stop you.
But… “Please, STOP making excuses.”
If there is a will, there is a way. And maybe it is not the most ideal way and it will require hard work and commitment, but if you are serious about what you want, you will do it and it will be great.
I washed dirty dishes and hot pots for months, ate at the restaurant I was working at, for free, slept in peoples’ gardens or on the beach, used a local library to connect to the internet for free and saved more than 3000$ in less than 2 months.
I stank like a llama, but it was fun.
It wasn’t a sacrifice, but my way to achieve what I always wanted to do.


Look around you now


It all starts with you and your habits.
Before planning a dream journey you can’t afford, take a moment and reflect.
  • How much crap have you bought in the last year or month alone?
  • Were you waiting in line for the last iPhone 6? Seriously?!
  • How many times did you go to an expensive restaurant instead of eating at home with your friends/loved ones?
  • How many pairs of shoes did you get this year? Seriously?! (This applies to both women and men)
  • Are those mouthwatering mangoes?!
Seriously, stop pointing your finger at somebody else and take a look at yourself.
If none of the above things apply to you, I am very happy for you.


Start small…very small


Some tips to get your little adventure started even if you have ZERO money:
  • Go somewhere close for a one night adventure
  • Visit your friends where they live and become a walking tourist there
  • Sell some of your old stuff and use the money to get a bus ticket to a national park
  • Do you live close to the mountains? Go for a hike
  • Do you live close to the beach? Camp there for a few nights with some friends and bring a guitar
  • Do you live in a large city? Join some groups and become a tourist in your own town
You get the gist, don’t you?

It can all start when you stop complaining and start changing.


I don’t have time


Well, guess what? Neither do I.
I believe that time is the most valuable currency and you should never trade it for anything else.
Do you want to know another thing about time?
It is never the right time to do anything. Especially when it comes to traveling.
So you are better off picking a date in the not-so-distant future and then working your way backwards to today, planning out your travel arrangements up to that departure date.
To make this even more straightforward, I suggest you pick a date now, and buy your ticket to whatever destination you want.
That’s it.
If you actually take the hardest step, booking the flight, for example, you have done most of the work, and what was just an idea, or a wish, becomes a reality with a fixed date.
You now have a bomb with a ticking clock that will sharpen your focus, will force you to get ready, make you creative, and stop you from coming up with more excuses,  such as: “what if..” and “I’ll do it later”.
If you buy the ticket now, you achieve 5 extremely important things:
  1. You have a specific deadline to meet
  2. You focus on what matter the most and drop the rest
  3. You actually end up going, because it will be shameful to lose the money you already spent
  4. With a date set in stone, it will be harder to stay than to go
  5. Because you booked months in advance, you got a good deal too ;)

Some good tips:

  • Stop watching TV, movies, series, in other words drop the TV and talk to real people
  • Read about other travelers, and get inspired, if others do it, so can you
  • Spend time with friends that bring the best out of you
  • Drop the naysayers and whoever brings you down or tell you that you can’t
  • Meditate. Peace of mind will help you make clearer/better decisions
  • Take long walks and reflect
  • Spend some quality time with yourself
  • Stop doing useless things just to feel productive, you are just deluding yourself and wasting time.
  • Eat more mangoes, it’s always a pure joy
And remember, there is never a right time to travel.
So start NOW!


I think traveling is too hard


Well, you wanna know what is harder?
  • Wasting your life over a job you hate
  • Slaving from 9 to 5 so you can party hard and “feel alive” on weekends
  • Living an empty life full of regrets
  • Getting older with crappy memories because you never went anywhere
  • Relying on other people to fix you or make you happy
  • Fostering the illusion of control and “security”, as if those things really existed in life
  • Living somebody else’s life and not your own
The list can go on and on…
Don’t get me wrong.
I am not saying that people who don’t travel are bad, but if you want to travel and you don’t, then you are responsible for your choices. You can’t blame anybody but yourself.
Some people may think that this viewpoint is a cynical. Maybe us travelers are the ones with the problems; that traveling is just running away.
First of all, I hate running.
It’s absolutely true.
I can’t run.
But if I was running, I would definitely run away from a society I feel I don’t belong to.
I’d run away from the known to discover the unknown.
I’d run away from conformity to live a life that suits me best.
If you also feel you don’t belong where you are, then it is your duty to find the place you want to be.
If you don’t like running, no worries.
You can get there some other ways.


Traveling is not hard


Do you know why?
Because whoever told you that, has never gone anywhere.
When was the last time you spoke with an avid traveler who told you that traveling was hard?
My guess is, most likely, never.
So why do you keep listening to people who tell you that traveling is hard?
Traveling is like everything else in life.
At the beginning, it might be scary. But with time and practice, it becomes easier and easier. The more you do it, the better you become at it and the more you enjoy it.
The path of resistance starts and ends with you.
You need to have faith in you and your own abilities!
When you were a baby, I am sure, walking was extremely difficult. You don’t even blink an eye about the effort involved in walking now. Heck, you’ve also learnt to run, cycle, swim and I don’t even know what else you can do.
So, what happened when you grew a little older?
Insecurities, social pressure and setbacks all made you feel uncomfortable. But as well as you’ve learned all the things you now know in your life, you can learn to travel. Discomfort is just life’s way of telling you that something isn’t right for you.
My boss won’t let me…
What would my mum think?
Again, STOP making excuses
The only person that can stop you from traveling is you.



You are truly missing out


Planning and organizing a trip takes time, patience and some pretty good skills. It is easy to fall back and do nothing, like the majority of people do. They don’t go anywhere and then complain about it.
“Flight tickets are too expensive!”
But if that is true…
How come I managed to buy an international ticket for 370 Euro from Europe to the Caribbean, while the average Joe didn’t go anywhere because the ticket he found was 1000 Euro or more for a similar flight and he couldn’t afford it?
I didn’t use travel points either, by the way.
I simply had more patience.
I spent a month or so to get that ticket, and I will explain to you a little later how you can also do that, while the average Joe searched for his ticket once, and in a matter of minutes, find out that it was “impossible” and “too expensive” to go anywhere.
The main difference is that if you do what everybody else does, then you will miss out on opportunities.
Spending a month to book a ticket is a lot harder, it requires time and commitment.
But it is also smarter. Apart from the great deal, with the money I saved I will have extra funds to build unforgettable memories, go on exciting adventures and live life, while the average Joe is busy killing dragons on World Of Warcraft!
What I do is not rocket science, and I’ll explain why.



I am scared


Scared of what exactly?
Of being alone?
Of getting lost?
Of getting kidnapped while you travel?
If you say yes to any of the previous answers, my suggestion is always the same.
Drop the TV, go talk to people who’ve traveled and not your aunt Marie, who has never been around the block and then come back.
Are you back?
Cool. You know, feeling scared is normal. Everybody feels insecure from time to time.
But it is a matter of switching your perspective in life:
What do you see here?
Some people might say a vase, some people might see two faces. They are both right and wrong at the same time
If you are not yawning you are probably wondering…
“Man… How does this apply to traveling?”
It does, because when you travel you learn to see things in different ways, you expose yourself to more options than you would on your usual drive back home from work.
But not all things are bad, actually it is a matter of how you see and experience them.
Something good for somebody can be bad for somebody else, and it is simply a matter of perspective. It is all about how you approach life and what you expect from it.



The lucky and the unlucky traveler


If you get drunk and get lost in the middle of the night, in a city you have never been before, and somebody beats you up and steals your possessions, would you consider yourself:
  1. Lucky?
  2. Unlucky?
  3. Neither?
I would say the third one, this could have happened in any city, anywhere, Drinking impairs judgement and can make you a bit oblivious to your situation. If you had not drunk like a camel, everything else, maybe, wouldn’t have happened, right?
But… What if I got hit by a bus?
My answer to that is….
What if this happened on your way to the grocery shop?

Most of the time, if you do your homework, prepare yourself, avoid potential dangerous situations and behave like a normal person, you will be fine. Anywhere you go.
The same things that happen while you are at home, can happen to you when you travel, and the truth is, nobody can change that.
So stop believing that you have complete control of your life, because you really don’t.
You might die tomorrow, choking on a small piece of carrot.
So what are you gonna do then, stop eating carrots!?
… And never go out…
… And never do anything, just in case?
It is easy to get caught up with the news. It is designed for shock factor, to grab your attention with sensationalism. Unfortunately, it is usually a scare tactic used to get you to watch, accurate or not.
When was the last time you heard on national TV about a guy who backpacked around Europe and had a great time?
I’ll tell you when. Never.
Because it is not a news, it doesn’t matter.
But if you happen to backpack around Europe, you will see how many of those people have the best time of their lives, and their adventures go unnoticed in the rest of the world.
Traveling is fun. You will make mistakes, you will get lost, you will experience good times and bad times. That’s all part of the art of traveling.

Traveling is not hard.
it is about you and how you adapt and learn about yourself.
Stop controlling everything and simply take a step forward, trust your instincts and go with the flow. You will thank me later for that.



Exercise 01: Learn about your fears


In order for you to complete the exercise you need to download the worksheet
  1. Download the worksheet here
  2. Use the worksheet to list all the fears you have and the excuses you have made over the years.
  3. Be truthful and honest with yourself, there is no shame in admitting that you are afraid of something. We all are.
  4. Add next to each fear a simple solution to conquer it. (Examples are provided in the worksheet)
Objective: The purpose of these exercises is to expose those fears and tackle each one of them. The only way you can beat your fears is to challenge them, and not to run away.
The next chapter is about understanding the benefits traveling can bring in your life.
Be safe and go to the next step.



CHAPTER 2 – The superhero lives in you

Benefits of traveling