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My life as a long-term traveller began in 1999 when I moved to the UK on a two year working holiday visa.
Living in London and with Europe on my doorstep, I discovered that I am a travel addict. This was also the year that became fascinated with the internet.
I figured I should find a job that involved travel and surfing the web, thus the idea of making travel websites as a business…


In August 2010, we took the first flight of our RTW trip and headed to Iceland! Since then we have been lucky enough to drive across the United States, camp in Iceland, hang out in London, eat our way through Paris, work on an organic farm in Tuscany and track down long lost family members in Lacedonia, Italy.
It’s been an amazing adventure and we would love to have you wander with us!
We are a freewheelin’, 30-something couple with a little dog named Chachy. Currently, we are traveling around the world…


Shannon O’Donnell

The circumstances of the people I have met while traveling were often so seemingly disparate from the suburbia of my youth, but yet underneath, deep within the travel experience were common themes.
I found common hopes and common fears within each person’s story.
Witnessing this, hearing the stories and feeling the inherent kindness of communities all over the world, has broadened my sense of self, and my understanding of the threads of connection binding us all…


Robin Locker Lacey

And then it happened. One day in October 2003, there was a shift in the foundation of life as I knew it.
My boyfriend, Chris and I went to see “Under the Tuscan Sun”, and I fell in love with Italy.
I walked out of that theater, knowing with every fiber of my being, I was going to Italy… soon. Within two weeks, I had picked dates and was well into my research…


The only true wealth you have in life is your time, and how you spend that time is more important in life than how you spend other types of wealth, such as money.
Thus, if you simplify your life in such a way that you are buying less “things”, you will soon find that you have bought yourself a wealth of time. This isn’t always something that happens overnight.
The vagabonding urge is something that some people have to cultivate over many years…


After the recession hit in 2008 I was at a crossroads. I had graduated school with the typical guidance a young American gets “Go to the best school possible, get the best job possible that makes the most money, and then get a huge untenable mortgage and live the American dream”.
But what is that dream?
How can you decide what you want to do if you haven’t had the experience yet to know what would make you fulfilled?…


Niall Doherty

To paraphrase Thoreau, most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.
I strive not to become one of those men, and I hope you will, too. I’ve made multiple dreams a reality in my life already, so I have a good understanding of what it takes. If you find yourself living a life you’re not proud of, know that you can change it.
Plenty of other people are out there living their dreams, and they don’t have anything you haven’t got or that you can’t learn…


While one might assume I would have been completely turned off by travel after becoming deathly ill and needing to be carried down a mountain all day on a woman’s back to a lower elevation (due to severe weakness and complete inability to walk), this trip had the opposite effect.
It was my first trip to a part of the world that wasn’t western-centric and my eyes were opened by authentic experiences, culture, food and the massiveness and sheer beauty of the world’s greatest mountains.
I wanted more of this in a big way…


Many factors came together including our ages, the housing market, schooling and a desire for more quality family time and freedom.
We were inspired by many others listed elsewhere on this blog and made a plan based on our dreams. We knew nothing about blogs when we began and had little experience with photography or writing.
We wanted a way to keep connected to family and friends, so we quickly pulled a site together days before leaving…


Colleen Lanin

None of us knows how long we have on this planet so I advise people to make the most of their lives with their children today.
Kids learn so much from traveling too. They learn about how other people live, eat, and talk. They learn about art and beauty and nature. They learn about how they fit into this big crazy world.
It would be such a shame to rob your children of those experiences….


Craig & Linda Martin

For our first two years out of university we worked multiple jobs, did long hours, and kept up the student lifestyle, only with less beer.
Every dollar saved at the end of the month got dropped on our credit card debt, then overdrafts, then Craig’s university loan. There were some pretty depressing times punctuated by the reward of long hike, or a week-long trip to Australia or Fiji.
But the goal was in sight: we were debt free. Life could become a bit easier, and saving could begin for the big trip…


In the late 1990’s, my 70-something, well-traveled and yet-to-be-in-laws, Kathryn and Dean, made the choice to move to a 3-step retirement facility.
When Kathryn grew tired of being cooped up in her new digs, she would say to Dean, “My feet are getting itchy. Take me on a trip.”
In 2000, I married Kathryn and Dean’s son Alan and my travel adventures began…


I have travelled through Europe on three occasions.
Backpacked through northern Argentina, gone to India to attend a wedding (where I coincidentally cheated death on a rickshaw thrice in one night and bribed a cop within hours of landing in Mumbai).
I lived and worked in Korea, and am currently backpacking around South East Asia and wherever the wind blows…


Between June of 2003 and July of 2004, my husband Matt and I took our (then 1-year-old) son Tommy on a trip across six states, three countries, and two continents.
Since I started The Mother of all Trips in 2004 we’ve done a lot more traveling.
I’ve chronicled the move from packing diapers to pleasing a middle-schooler on the road…


I worked in the corporate world for most of my life. I had it good. I really did. But good’s not great now is it?
I realized I’d never be happy working for someone else. I needed an escape, and I wanted others to be in on it too.
Over the years I’ve come to realize that not everyone wants to quit their job and travel the world. But plenty of folks still need a bit of escape in their lives…


Savouring art, food, history, and culture with tour groups in places like Jordan, Italy, and Iceland is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.
My travel & photography blog has become part of my journey to see the world in a new way and I’m pleased share that vision with you.
I love what I do, as well as the people and places I photograph. Each person and every place has its own story.But sometimes the best stories are the ones you star in…


Christy and Scott

We are ordinary in the sense that we don’t have any special abilities or some inherent talent that gives us an advantage over other people.
We are successful at living an unconditional life and traveling all over the world because of our choices and dedication. We believe travel is for everyone.
We’re not trying to preach that you need to be fearless in everything you do or that you even need to call yourself adventurous…


We slowly, but surely travel the World living for less than $25 a day, proving that it’s possible to have a great fun and explore undiscovered places even when you were not born rich.
With limited cash, we appreciate the fact we can travel more than ever and focus on interactions with locals instead of looking for a posh hotel or another luxury restaurant.
We were teachers in China, web designers in Cambodia and who knows what else we can do…

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