Films, web series & documentaries

A collection of films and series I have produced, directed, or participated in
Super Vlogs

A weekly web series chronicling the life and adventures of a man constantly on the move

Love Via Skype

A film made using only video messages & screenshots from Skype

Interactive Travel Adventure

A one-year journey shaped by the decision of a community of people


Random circumstances lead two strangers together, this casual encounter will change the future of their lives.

Expedición Cóndor De Los Andes

9 people travel around Colombia to discover the land, the culture and do extreme sports in an adventure reality TV-Show

Pura Vida

Life is not about getting exactly what you want. It is about learning how to be happy with what you have.

Out Of Juice

A happy-go-lucky man constantly finds things to do other than completing the errand he initially set out to do


Time is never enough for a man who is struggling to survive

Books, articles & publications

A series of handy guides to help you travel the world like I do
The Ultimate Guide To Learn How To Travel Like A Superhero!

A step by step guide on how to plan your epic travel adventure

Quit Your Job & Go Travelling!

100 World travellers share their experience and show you how they quit their job to go travelling

The Insider Journal

Discover how to overcome the typical obstacles that stop people from travelling, so you can live a richer and fuller life

Adventures around the world

Discover the world with me, I have been to every continent

18 Months Solo Journey

An adventure on the road around Central and South America and South Africa

9 Months Solo Journey

My first long-term adventure Around Australia and Asia