The ultimate guide to learn how to travel like a superhero!

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Why should you read this guide?


When I came back from my last travel mission across Australia and Asia, I was overwhelmed by the response.
had spent the previous year on the road and traveled over 45.000 km using whatever transportation was available I discovered what it really means to be free.
The excitement and amount of questions that greeted my return was overwhelming.
Some of the most frequent questions were:
  • How did you do it?
  • Where did you get the money?
  • How did you survive?
  • What was it like to travel and be free?
  • What was your favorite place?
It was clear by people’s reactions to my stories that they were excited about travel. Sadly, by the end of our conversations, it also became clear that they did not think that they could do it themselves……

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  1. The worksheet with practical exercises for each chapter
  2. Two studies on why it is better to do things than to buy things
  3. The guide on how to do Couchsurfing like a pro
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  5. The full superhero guide in PDF